Hello, world. 

There is this air of excitement among friends and family when a baby is born. The people closest to you pay a visit in person and the rest of us wait by our phones and computers for that first photo to pop up on our feed. If it's your first child, your parents rush over to hold the start of the next generation for the first time, in awe of that tiny pinky toenail. If it's your second or third (or fourth, fifth, or sixth...), grandparents bring siblings to meet the newest addition to the family. The first 48 hours after the baby arrives are for bonding, and those are some of the sweetest moments you may not remember. That baby is hungry, which means the parents aren't necessarily sleeping much, and things become a blur at times. I love to come to you, wherever you are, in those first 48 hours and capture the love surrounding the tiny little babe.



Fresh 48 sessions take place in hospitals, birth centers, or homes- wherever you and the baby happen to be at the time. Although I am not on call for these sessions like I am for births, I do my best to get to you as soon as possible. As with any other session, I prefer to meet prior to the birth, face to face, to get to know you and get a feel for what is important to you. In saying that, these sessions are sometimes booked last minute (and that's ok too). 

Rates for Fresh 48 sessions start at $295.



Patience of a saint.

“Brittany was at our home for way over an hour. I couldn't get the baby to sleep, she was eating every 15 minutes, and we were in such a fog. I was afraid that it would show, but the pictures turned out amazing.”

— L.W.

There within an hour!

“When we called Brittany to let her know the baby was here, we didn't expect her for awhile. She dropped everything and came to the hospital right away! We ended up using our favorite image for her birth announcement and got tons of compliments.”

— W.G.

I treasure these photos.

“I'm so glad we had Brittany come right after his birth. The pictures she got of our toddler meeting the baby for the first time were precious. It was something I couldn't have taken myself, and I'm so glad that I was actually in them.”

— B.G.




A beautiful birth announcement within 24 hours.

Don't let their first photo be a rushed phone image. Post the perfect digital announcement within hours.