Life unscripted (and unposed).

Imagine a photoshoot where you don't have to pose. You just get to enjoy the moment with your family. You make pancakes together in the kitchen. You paint the fence in the backyard. You plant that veggie garden you've been meaning to start. It's just another day at the park, swinging and playing. I love these moments. Moments where no one is stressed, no one is uptight, no one is worried about looking perfect. You're just living in the moment with the ones you love, and I just so happen to be there too, capturing images of your relationships, love, and joy. These relaxed, unposed, imperfect, candid portraits will be the moments you will always treasure- and you'll have them in your hands and on your walls.



I love to capture life as it unfolds: moms loving on their kids in the hammock, dad and his boys playing catch, four generations of women holding hands, grandparents getting ice cream with all the grandkids...

It's much more casual and candid if we start with an activity. Some of my favorites to date have been: a water balloon paint fight, a day at the park/playground, a trip to the aquarium, a morning at the beach, and chilling at home. Just think of something that your family will love doing together - it's as easy as that. If you're having fun, your faces will show it and the photos will turn out great! You and your family will just hang out and I will be there to capture the joy, smiles, hugs and kisses. The session will be completely unposed and I will capture life unfolding through my lens. I will set aside 10-15 minutes at the end of the session at your request to do some posed shots if you'd like. 

Rates for family sessions start at $295.




Stress-free family photos.

“I can't tell you how annoyingly stressful our family photos have always been. This was the first time we all felt relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Brittany was really chill and offered a little direction when we needed it.”

— D.V.

Captured our personalities.

“I loved so many of our family portraits that I couldn't choose just one for our moving announcement. I ended up going with three because they were all so awesome and really captured our personalities.”

— D.S.

We had so much fun!

“Brittany suggested we do something fun together instead of just posing, so we decided on the park. Not only did we get some amazing photos, but the kids had a blast and we did too!”

— J.B.




Have fun AND get your pictures taken?

Yes please!