New Life.

Being able to capture someone's first breath is amazing. When a woman lays eyes on the little human that's been pushing aside her organs for the last nine months, it's magical. Just being in the space where a baby is born is an honor. Photographing a birth is an incredible opportunity, and being able to provide beautiful documentation of a new life entering the world is my passion. The connection between a mother and child is so strong, and I want every woman to have a beautiful memory of that experience. A mother should be proud of what her body was able to accomplish, and proud of her determination and perseverance. I hope that my images can help her remember that for years to come.



We will start by meeting up in real life. I want to get to know you, hear about your plan for the birth, and get a feel for what is important to you. After that, we'll go over the fine details and keep in touch via text until things get serious. 

When you're ready to have the baby, someone on your birth team will give me a ring, and I'll zip over as soon as we know it's for sure (right around six centimeters). 

Rates for births start at $800.



I barely knew she was there.

“I was slightly nervous having a birth photographer, but Brittany just went about her work and I didn't have to worry about anything. She was awesome.”

— E.B.

So glad I did this!

“I regretted not hiring a photographer after my first birth, so I made sure Brittany was available for my second. The photos are so amazing. I wish I had these from my first labor and delivery.”

— B.G.

I loved the family photos.

“I liked having pictures of the birth, but my favorite ones are of the kids seeing him for the first time. Their expressions are priceless.”

— M.W.



Remember this moment for a lifetime.

The first time you saw him. The first time you held her.