They grow up too fast.

As a parent, you hear it allllll the time. Cherish these moments with them because you'll never get them back. They'll be grown before you know it. And it's so true! Time is a' tickin. 

Well, I'm here to help. Let's capture some of these moments on a regular basis so that we remember all the little things: their tiny yet chubby toes, their grin with the first couple of teeth, the adorable little curls as they toddle around the house, their cry face as they stick out their booger lip. Sometimes if we don't have these images we forget how stinkin cute they were! 

As they grow older, we add memories like the first day of school, trips to Disney, dates with mom or dad, ballet or soccer practice, birthdays, and riding bikes throughout the neighborhood. All of these are worth remembering for years to come, so let's capture them as they happen.



Newborn sessions typically take place in your home. The whole family is comfortable there and everything you need is at your fingertips. Sessions can take up to three hours with breaks for feeding and keeping everyone happy. Babies lose the newborn look after the first two weeks, so I try to schedule them in the first seven days of life. All you need to do to prepare is maybe tidy up the nursery a bit. If you are concerned about your sleepless chic look, I work with an incredible makeup artist.

Milestone packages are available and fully customizable. I have even done quick monthly shoots at a client's home to capture the incredible growth that takes place in the first year. 

Kids grow up much too fast. Make sure you capture those fleeting moments. We can shoot in the rain (puddle jumping and rain boots are too fun not to) or in a garden, at the beach, in the playroom - anywhere you please. Planning some sort of activity during the session always makes it fun and candid. And parents, be prepared to be in a couple shots. If you're there, you'll end up in at least a few.

Rates for newborn sessions start at $425.

Rates for babies & children start at $225.




A very chill session.

“We booked a 30 minute session but our daughter just wasn't cooperating. Brittany really took her time with her, extending the session so I could nurse and she would chill out. She got some great shots when I didn't even realize she was shooting. ”

— M.B.

Perfect birthday invites!

“Brittany created the most perfect invitations for our daughter's fourth birthday party from the session we did at home. So many people commented that they just loved them. One friend even framed it!”

— S.P.

Flexible and versatile.

“We scheduled a session at the park but it was a rainy day. The boys were begging to play in the rain and Brittany suggested a change of plans. What a great idea! The kids had a blast and the pictures are awesome.”

— S.W.




I love my job.